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The France REV Finance is a crypto project that aims to teach users on how to save the earth by using clean energy. At the same time, the team is focusing on organic products and foods. Moreover, the management builds online stores and advertising sites. Simultaneously, this startup has an experienced tech team. So, they […]

BNB(Binance Coin)

BNB(Binance Coin) Project basic information Issue Time:2017-07-07 Total Supply:184,665,938 Circulation :152,665,937 White paper:https://resource.bnbstatic.com/books/20190418/1555582477981.pdf Website:https://www.binance.com/cn Block Explorer:https://explorer.binance.org/ Project Introduction From the ICO, Binance issued its own coin called the Binance Coin, with BNB as the symbol. BNB runs natively on Binance chain. The coin was established with a total supply of 200 million. Every quarter, we will […]


ETH(Ethereum) Project basic information Issue Time:2014-07-23 Total Supply:109,542,949 Circulation :109,542,949 White paper:https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/White-Paper Website:https://www.ethereum.org/ Block Explorer:https://www.yitaifang.com/ Project Introduction Ethereum (ETH) is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality, which facilitates online contractual agreements. Ethereum also provides a cryptocurrency token called “ether”, which can be transferred between accounts and used to compensate participant […]


BTC(Bitcoin) Project basic information Issue Time:2008-10-30 Total Supply:21,000,000 Circulation :18,247,575 White paper:https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf Website:https://bitcoin.org/ Block Explorer:https://www.blockchain.com/explorer Project Introduction Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system invented by an unknown programmer, or a group of programmers, under the name Satoshi Nakamoto .It was released as open-source software in 2009.The system is peer-to-peer, and transactions take place […]